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The "Right Side" Electric Starter

Electrum 1/6 stater Lydian, about 650-600 BC From western

New Discovery: The Smallest Electrum Denomination

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Shop Rare Coins the rare coin specialists in unique rare gold coins, rare silver coins, and rare ancient coins to buy and sell.Tanit-Persephone, Horse. ex Jean Elsen Brussels. 1979. Superb.A beautiful ancient Punic electrum stater, struck circa 310 BC in the great city of Carthage.The Right Side Electric Starter replaces the old-fashioned motorcycle kick start.G1244 An Excessively Rare Greek Electrum Stater of Kyzikos (Mysia), a Wonderful Depiction of Poseidon in Electrum.NumisBids: 51 Gallery February 2017 Auction, Lot 84: GAUL, ELECTRUM STATER OF THE PICTONES, Poitiers area, 1st century BC,.Aficionados looking for numismatic rarities certainly know auction.

A history of King Croesus and his coins - Capstone coins

They were made of electrum (approximately 55% gold and 45% silver).

Extremely Rare Ancient Chimera CoinThis is an electrum

Shop a bunch of Electrum Gold Hekte 521 and similar products available for sale this week.GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos Incuse Twelfth Stater. GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos Incuse Twelfth Stater For Sale.In the Kingdom of Lydia, situated in the western part of modern Turkey, electrum was found in abundance in the River Pactolus, which flowed down from the mountains near the capital of Sardis.Hosta Choice Gardens Inc.,a well-known Ontario hosta specialty nursery, features hosta display gardens and huge hosta selection.

GOLD Electrum Ancient Greek Coin Ionia Phokaia Lesbos

Live Gold Prices Live Silver Prices Live Platinum Prices Live Palladium Prices Silver Dollars.View Zeugitana, Carthage (c. 280-270 B.C.), electrum Stater, 7.32g., as previous lot but with three pellets in exergue.CARTHAGE Zeugitania Electrum Stater.

G1244 An Excessively Rare Greek Electrum Stater of Kyzikos

Persian Empire Daric Gold coin,The daric and the silver coin,.Ancient Coinage of Carthage, Zeugitana. Electrum Stater or Shekel of Carthage,.A circa 670 to 660 B.C. striated electrum stater from Ionia that could represent the first true coin type in ancient coinage history highlights the ancient coin.See the wilwinds page on unidentifiable electrum. 90% Silver for sale.Antiques and Rare Collectibles. Ancient Greek Lesbos, Mytilene El Hekte Gold Electrum Stater 377 - 326 Bc: SOLD: Rochester, NY.

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