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My goal is, of course, to have it at 100% when I wake up in the morning.Here are the 5 best things you can do to charge your iPhone faster when you really need it.A new report suggests third-party cables could be breaking an integral part needed to charge an iPhone 5. Your iPhone 5 may not be charging anymore due to third.The presence of any fluids on the port will result in a short circuit thereby leading to iPhone not charging.

I would charge my phone through a car charger, but then my phone stopped getting charged. When we.

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Now when I plug it in either to the wall charger or the computer,.Before you tear your hair out, take a stroll down out troubleshooting checklist to rule.

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The age of the comment is also irrelevant, as the technology and practices still exist - thus the comments are relative.After I shut down the Background App Refresh they began working again.Keep hugging that Android as tight as you can and please, for your own sake, go find a dollar and buy a clue.Owner of mendmyi, Riki Baker, has this to say about what is causing the issue -.Why is my phone charging backwards or sometimes not at all when.My iPhone 5 does not respond to swipes and gestures on the touch screen, while charging.

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Apple then changed the hardware in the iPhone itself to only accept USB-powered chargers because the current was.This does not regulate the voltage as well as the original AC adapter as the power is coming from the alternator.

Is it better to use the 5 watt cube charger that comes with the iPhone instead of the 10 watt charger that comes with the iPad.I tend to agree with Plasmanut, though the Apple cables are better than some of the crappy cheap cables out there as far as quality is concerned.In this particular case, cheap chargers and cables are damaging the U2 IC chip that sits on the logic board of the iPhone 5.

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My iphone isnt charging and it just blinks the apple logo - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist.One of the biggest indications that your iPhone 4 is going through charging problems is that it does not.If you need to charge our iPhone or any electrical equipment in your car, we would recommend a good quality inverter with your original charger and USB lead.

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My mophie case is fully charged, but for some reason, it wont charge my iphone 6 plus.

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Charging your iPhone using a third party charger or USB lead that does not regulate well allows for larger variables in voltage and current, this then damages the U2 IC and can leave you with a seemingly dead iPhone 5.

Thankfully my lighting cable has held up well ever since I got my iPhone 5.I always buy extended cables from companies like Belkin and Griffin.

While we all hear the warnings about using cheap chargers and USB cables, we all know that not everyone will listen.

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I just bought a new battery a couple weeks ago and for some reason it will not charge.Unless you are absolutely certain that there is plenty of charge left.If my phone is on, it works but my phone died and i plugged it into my pc for 3 hrs and it still wont turn on. i dont have the USB wall plug with me.

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My Iphone 6 plus was stolen on the weekend so i have changed back to my old 5S. i had to get.

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I can see from your conversation you have a very high opinion of yourself and put down any one for not agreeing with you or being a fanboy for Apple.The Android mobiles I have repaired were all from being left on the roof of the car or on the dashboard and then coming into contact with the road or concrete at speeds so for them not to break would be very unexpected as well as a few that were driven over or stepped on.

The Apple branded Lightning cables are by far the worst ones I have seen over the years.I had my iPhone 5s for almost a year now and I went on a road trip.

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